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Blended learning has never been easier!

WinjiGo is a unique social learning platform designed for next-generation teaching and learning. It enables different teaching strategies like flipped, blended and inquiry-based learning, and provides teachers with gamification tools to foster learners’ skills and address their specific needs within a fun educational environment.

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WinjiGo connects instructors and learners and supports, both, instructor-led and non-formal learning activities. With leaderboards, assignments, discussions, interactive lessons and individual learning paths, the platform is a great way to tackle classroom dynamics that can otherwise hold learners back. WinjiGo is a web-based course management app that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Dive into WinjiGo’s amazing features…

    • Build, plan and share course outlines and lessons in one place
    • Motivate learners by rewarding badges for academic and social achievements
    • Evaluate learners through file-based assignments and auto-graded quizzes
    • Manage the learning lifecycle and attend to individual skills and talents
    • Integrate content from YouTube, Office Mix, discussions, assignments and more
    • Connect with instructors around the globe through the WinjiGo community wall
    • Draw on the 21st-Century skill-based leaderboard and badges
    • Access interactive e-lessons, assignments and quizzes
    • Engage with instructors and other learners using the point-based course leaderboard
    • Reflect on the 21st-Century skill-based leaderboard and earn badges
    • Connect with peers and instructors through discussions and private notes
    • View overall scores, by course, and share your success on social media
    • Create your organization’s account and customize your name, logo and theme
    • Set up your organization’s privacy settings and register users
    • Monitor the performance of learners and manage the learning lifecycle

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WinjiGo: a social learning space for 21st century teaching and learning


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English, Arabic, Spanish

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