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Professional Services

Product Customization

Educational needs and requirements differ from one organization to another, from one country to another, and at ITWORX Education we understand that. Our existent e-learning platforms can be customized to accommodate your educational landscape, and further developed and modified to match your required functionalities and user preferences. Product customization also includes Office 365 integration, school/ organization identity branding, and additional features.


The existence and success of today’s organizations in the highly digitized world relies heavily on communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. To ensure this happens in an effective and efficient manner, we tailor public, internal, and mobile portal solutions for educational organizations, offering an automated one-stop-shop for stakeholders to connect and collaborate. Published in your preferred language(s), our portals are designed and built with flexible structures that simplify navigation, facilitate the search for information, and organize content and resources based on administrative and user needs.


The migration process forms a key part of the initial relationship we have with you, and the services we can provide to meet your organization’s educational needs. To ensure that your IT systems and data bank are not lost when moving to a new platform, our full range of solutions and experienced software professionals can help transfer and migrate your data from legacy systems to new advanced ones.


In today’s fast paced world, real-time integration between data sources is no longer a luxury. We provide integration services to ensure that our e-learning solutions can easily and seamlessly link with your existing systems. Our solutions can be integrated with your current management information system (MIS) and other vital data repositories and tools. Additionally, we offer integration services for Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange and SMS, and any other system that you are able to provide the API for.

Mobile App Development

We offer mobile app development as a service on Android, iOS and Windows Phone to meet your specific educational and business needs, while incorporating your own content, feature preferences and themes.


At ITWORX Education we provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations that offer, both, ready-made and custom-built platforms. Our CRM solutions integrate smoothly with existing applications, provide a wide variety of features and functionalities, and enable you to better manage your customer relationships.


We can help you transform the educational landscape of your organization by implementing custom-designed, intelligent and effective infrastructure systems. From setting up hardware to purchasing licenses and fixing network or hardware issues, we can help create more value for your business.


To guarantee your ability to use our solutions and platforms to their very best, we offer customized and multi-tiered support and troubleshooting packages. Our on-site, off-shore and dedicated resource models are also available on a standalone basis, to help your organization attain its maximum potential and make the best use of technology in education.


We provide extensive and tailored trainings that enable instructors, learners, administrators and organizations to use our e-learning solutions to a professional standard, and – in turn – transfer their knowledge to other stakeholders. We additionally offer training on using other solutions and technologies that complement our solutions on a need-basis, such as Office 365 and NetSupport.