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What’s LIVE Suite?

LIVE suite facilitates the day-to-day management of the learning process for instructors, students and parents alike. LIVE suite supports and integrates with our social learning platform CLG, offering three smart and essential tablet apps for every role: TeachLIVE, StudyLIVE and ParentLIVE.

What’s TeachLIVE?

TeachLIVE enables educators to focus on teaching by eliminating time and effort spent on routine administrative tasks. The app provides access to timetables, courses, students, colleagues and lesson material for all classes.

What’s StudyLIVE?

StudyLIVE allows students to manage their learning process and organize their study progression easily and conveniently. The app allows access to lessons, learning resources and assignments both online and offline.

What’s ParentLIVE?

ParentLIVE raises the involvement of parents in their child’s education by providing timely notifications of their progress. The mobile app allows parents to communicate with teachers and take corrective actions when needed.


    • Receive notifications for announcements, class posts, updated course plans, submitted assignments and more
    • Navigate, download, export or overwrite lessons by academic weeks
    • View detailed lists of student and colleagues and communicate with them via e-mail or Skype
    • Browse and view all assignments and exams, with descriptive information
    • Receive notifications for announcements, assignments, exams, notes, posts and more
    • Access learning material, resources and structured lessons shared by educators
    • View daily and weekly lessons, exams and assignments, and find peer contact information
    • Bookmark and view favorite documents, peers, and educators
    • Access each child’s attendance, assignments, behavior and school/class reminders
    • Communicate with each child’s teachers
    • Follow up on each child’s progress on a continuous basis

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