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In our quest to empower students for tomorrow’s opportunities, we offer a wide variety of K-12 educational solutions for students, teachers, administrators, parents and schools.


Early years

Developing elementary skills and fostering the talents of young learners


Overcoming students’ weaknesses and reinforcing their academic strengths.


Empowering today’s students by developing their 21st Century skills


Supporting the application of blended, project-based and hybrid learning…

Academic Leaders

Providing tools and insights to improve student performance and teaching practices…

Exclusive offerings to address education needs

  • Managing the classroom can be a daunting and challenging task. That’s why we offer rich solutions that leverage classroom technology and enable teachers to handle all classroom activities easily and timely. Teachers can now practically assess, monitor, control and collaborate with students in the classroom, in addition to orchestrate lessons and track student performance, attendance and behavior.


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  • Today’s non-traditional, social learning approaches are key to enhancing the educational process for learners, teachers and school administrations. They enable schools to improve school performance and expand their capacity, allow teachers to better connect with students, foster their skills and address their specific needs, and offer an engaging and rewarding learning experience for learners of all ages. Most importantly, online and blended learning integrate in-class and out-of-class learning to expand students’ skills and ensure that the education process continues far beyond the school’s physical premises.


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  • One of the greatest challenges facing education is the inability to acquire or access high quality content. Valuable digital content is an essential element in today’s learning systems, with its continuous availability and ability to impart knowledge quickly, enrich learning experiences and engage students. Our platforms and tools enable teachers to create, manage and share interactive e-learning content that can reach and engage with students more effectively. From lesson plans to research and multimedia, teachers can produce educational content that accommodates different learning styles in interactive and trackable formats. Our solutions also integrate Office Mix, OneNote and Intelligent Knowledge Search Systems to facilitate searching for, identifying and rating the right resources, save student time and effort, and enhance digital learning experiences.


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  • Technology has the power to completely transform teaching and learning, and even more so for children with special needs. It provides them with the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills in ways, and at a pace, they would not have enjoyed in a traditional classroom. Our learning management solutions help transform traditional classrooms into smart learning environments, enabling students with special educational needs to receive quality education whilst overcoming challenges related to communication and collaboration.


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  • Quality education starts with the teacher, that’s why it’s important that teachers receive the professional development that enables them to grow and contribute to the educational process. Our innovative solutions focus on developing teaching skills in line with the latest technologies and learning approaches. They enable teachers to manage, plan and track their professional development, and deliver training using blended and online learning. Additionally, our solutions providing communities for teachers to interact, collaborate and share their experiences with peers and instructors.


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  • At ITWORX Education we offer a versatile mobile app that makes classroom management less onerous and time-consuming, allowing teachers to track and report student attendance, grades and behavior. The solution facilitates classroom administration and enables teachers to analyze their student data, share information and – most importantly – focus on their main purpose of teaching.


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  • Using the blended learning model and tapping into the power of technology, we have developed a solution to bring sustainable, quality education to children in crises caused by armed conflict or natural disasters. Built around an interactive e-learning platform and integrated with implementation and user training, the end-to-end solution can deliver education to millions of children who are either out of school or have limited access to formal education, and can increase a school’s capacity by at least 50% at a minimal cost to accommodate more students.


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Discover some of our customers…

Can digital technology significantly enhance the quality of teaching and learning?

That’s what our award-winning CLG solution verified at Broadclyst Community Primary School in the UK. CLG helped the school to win a global Microsoft award.

Watch the video to learn more.

Find out what people are saying…

Ashraf ElGuindi
Chairman of the Executive Board, Maarif Education & Training Holding Co., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“We are particularly impressed with ITWORX Education excellent onsite adoption program and dedicated team.”
Broadclyst Primary School
“Using CLG; we are very optimistic regarding the outcome on our students’ success and believe this will be a transformational phase for our school.”
IT Manager
Al Ekhaa Schools
“In recognition of our great dedication in Al-Ekhaa school in KSA while deploying CLG. ITWORX Education received a "Thank you" plaque from the Al-Ekhaa's school owner. The deployed solution helped achieve the school’s goal to improve the education environment in the school”