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  • Today’s non-traditional, social learning approaches are key to enhancing and optimizing the talent development process at large. Integrating online and blended learning tools into corporate learning provides an engaging and rewarding learning experience for employees looking to advance their careers. It boosts employee learning achievements, offers the accessibility and flexibility needed to advance their development, enables networking and interaction with peers and mentors, and ultimately expands their learning capabilities; it provides mentors with new teaching models and techniques that connect them with learners and allow them to foster their skills and address their specific needs; and it allows companies to monitor employee development progress, improve performance, and minimize the time and cost of trainings.


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  • One of the greatest challenges facing corporate learning and development is the inability to acquire or access high quality content. Valuable digital content is an essential element in today’s learning systems, with its continuous availability and ability to impart knowledge quickly, enrich learning experiences and engage employees. Our platforms and tools enable instructors to create, manage and share interactive e-learning content that can reach and engage with learners more effectively. From course plans to research and multimedia, instructors can produce educational content that accommodates different learning styles in interactive and trackable formats. Our solutions also integrate Office Mix, OneNote and Intelligent Knowledge Search Systems to facilitate searching for, identifying and rating the right resources, save time and effort, and enrich digital learning experiences for employees looking to enhance their careers.


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  • Managing professional development effectively is a vital prerequisite for organizations that are concerned with keeping their best employees, and keeping them motivated. That’s why we offer comprehensive training management solutions that ease corporate learning. Our solutions facilitate the planning, tracking and running of the training process and provide opportunities for assessment and collaboration. They enable organizations to deliver flexible e-learning experiences and control training costs.


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Satya Nadella
CEO Microsoft
“ITWORX Education has deployed a gated solution that has been deployed in many parts in the Middle East which is changing how content is delivered and more importantly how the effectiveness is measured and that means you are changing outcomes.”