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  • Public Sector Transformation
  • School Transformation
  • Adoption and Professional Development
  • High Quality Education at an Affordable Cost
  • Children in Distress
  • Change Management

Public Sector Transformation

Today’s ongoing rapid advancements in technology coupled with the development of smart cities and knowledge-based societies require not only change, but rather a transformational process in the entire education sector. Implementing transformation across multiple educational public sector establishments is a major undertaking. Whether this is at a municipal, regional or even national level, the considerations are numerous, and so are the consequences. Our customized consultancy services ensure a methodical and comprehensive transformational approach that aims to realize your educational vision by revisiting and reinventing educational systems and models in the public sector. Moreover, they warrant that all educational solutions are rolled out efficiently and sustainably for long-term effectiveness.

School Transformation

Our school transformation consultancy services aim to change traditional classrooms and educational systems to enhance the learning and teaching process and meet future needs. This is achieved by empowering students with the 21st Century workforce skills they need to further their careers, redefining the educational journey and learning experiences for every student, teacher, parent, administrator and institute, and supporting stakeholder engagement with advanced e-learning solutions. Consequently, schools are transformed into more competitive organizations that are better geared up to deliver education efficiently and effectively.

Adoption and Professional Development

Our adoption and professional development services encompass comprehensive, long-term and tailored plans that help instructors, learners and educational organizations achieve the very best results from technology-enabled education. Through our unique adoption service, we help schools and education authorities fully integrate solutions into their teaching and administrative practices through several stages: familiarization and awareness, utilization, and evolution and expertise. We’re not just helping you use our solution. We’re helping you change how teaching happens and how students learn.

High Quality Education at an Affordable Cost

Sustainable, quality education is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s world. Technological advancements have enabled the integration of non-traditional learning methods to enhance the learning experience and, when integrated with business models, can enable the provision of quality education sustainably and cost-efficiently. We work closely with customers who are interested in integrating blended learning, deeper learning, and STEAM into their existent learning systems. We also work with customers to develop ingenious and advanced learning models and theories that meet their specific educational needs.

Children in Distress

Our solutions and services are capable of transforming underprivileged societies around the world. These services were developed to bring sustainable, quality education to children in crises caused by armed conflict or natural disasters. Because these interactive, e-learning solutions don’t require significant investments or time-consuming tasks, they can deliver education to millions of children who are either out of school or have limited access to formal education, and increase a school’s capacity to accommodate more students.

Change Management

Introducing system and process changes may be seen as an impediment for many educational organizations and users, and may consequently impact your work efficiencies. Our change management consultancy services enable you to achieve your overall vision and goals. We support and facilitate implementation along every stage of the process: from visioning to execution, transitioning and sustaining progress. Our consultancy ensures that all stakeholders are fully informed about the scope of change, the potential impact of this change on their roles, and how incorporating this change will enhance their productivity levels. Moreover, we guarantee that all stakeholders are confident in using your e-learning solutions, and that every individual is ready to contribute to the learning journey.