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ITWORX Engages with College of the North Atlantic Qatar (CNA-Q) for Developing Its Staff and Students Intranet Portal & Upgrading the Internet Public Portal


The Challenge

CNA-Q is committed to being a high quality, student-centered, public post-secondary technical institution. This commitment is reflected through its world-class facilities, accessible and responsive technology programs, and its contribution to technological development through partnerships with industry. In a move to empower this, CNA-Q pursuits to upgrade its current Internet portal to the latest portal technology from Microsoft and to open new channels for communication and collaboration through building Intranet portal for its Staff and Students.

The Solution

Based on ITWORX track record in portals and experience in the education sector, CNA-Q awarded ITWORX upgrading its Internet portal and development of the new Staff’s and Students’ Intranet portal using SharePoint 2010 technology.

Internet Portal
To ensure portal scalability, performance, and applying Microsoft best practices in SharePoint 2010, ITWORX started by designing and building new infrastructure for the new portal; which was then followed by performing a full migration of CNA-Q SharePoint 2007 portal content to the new full-fledged SharePoint 2010 portal.

The new portal enables CNA-Q to benefit from SharePoint 2010 new features such as enhanced security, easier content management process, and interactive visitors tracking reports, etc…

Staff and Student Intranet Portal
ITWORX designed a new user centric Intranet portal based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The Intranet is accessible from CNA-Q Internet portal and has two views based on the user credentials whether from the staff team or students.

The Intranet provides CNA-Q staff and students, each through his view, with the social network capabilities, through the discussion boards, required to facilitate communication and collaborations among them; along with the ability to provide feedback on the pages content. This is in addition to shared content libraries, picture and video galleries, news feeds, and announcements.

The Intranet enables both types of users to check and manage their schools, programs, courses, schedule and departments.

Moreover the students Intranet view enables students to build new communities and exchange knowledge through creating events, clubs, sports, teams, community projects, wikis and blogs. Students can also advertise for their selling and buying activities through the marketplace.

The students Intranet integrates with the CNA-Q system, based on PeopleSoft technology, through four web parts that were previously developed by ITWORX; “My Attendance”, “My Schedule”, “My Advisor”, and “My Grades”.

“My Attendance” displays student’s overall attendance indicator and the minimum attendance percentage required.

“My Schedule” displays student daily schedule and all related information such as subject name, catalog, component (Lecture, Exam or Laboratory), timing, room number and instructor name. Student can also navigate to weekly view and check the schedule details by week.

“My Advisor” displays the current student advisor information, from PeopleSoft, such as advisor name, phone number, and a link for communication with the advisor through emails.

“My Grades” displays information on student courses grades of the current term; including subject name, catalog, mid-term grade, and official grade.

Internet Portal Benefits

  • Promote CNA-Q vision and mission worldwide
  • Announce CAN-Q news and updates
  • Introduce new communication channel with the public

Intranet Portal Benefits

  • Enhance communication and collaboration between CAN-Q community members
  • Facilitate checking and managing schools, programs, etc..
  • Provide a market place for the students
  • Enable students to build new online communities