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ITWORX Education takes home two prized titles at the ACN Arab Technology Awards 2016


Dubai, November 1, 2016 – In recognition of its fruitful efforts towards achieving its “School without Borders” mission, ITWORX Education has won the Arabian Computer News (ACN) Arab Technology Awards 2016, for its unique educational solution that extended learning to Syrian children at a refugee camp in Chtaura, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. ACN honored ITWORX Education’s notable achievement with two mementos in the ‘Harnessing Innovation’ and the ‘Education Implementation of the Year’ categories.

While the ‘Education Implementation of the Year’ is awarded to education institutions that have implemented solutions to improve access to learning, enhance teaching, and create a positive impact on students, staff and faculty, the ‘Harnessing Innovation’ Award acclaims ITWORX Education’s excellence in utilizing the latest, cutting-edge technology, and harnessing it to bring real benefits to its business.

Commenting on the Company’s accomplishment, Mr. Hatem Sallam, CEO of ITWORX Education, said:

“At ITWORX Education, we are honored to be recognized for our innovative solutions as well as our creative efforts in leveraging our platforms to create an ever-lasting change in the lives of displaced children around the world and potentially an entire underprivileged generation. While the ‘Harnessing Innovation’ Award is a testament to our business excellence, winning the ‘Education Implementation of the Year’ award is a tribute to ITWORX Education’s success in bringing its ‘School without Borders’ vision one step closer to reality and what that means to the future of millions of children and families that are facing multiple challenges to acquire what they consider a privilege and what everyone else treats as a right; Education.”

He added: “With the aim of conquering those everyday challenges and turning them into an engine for change, ITWORX Education designed a non-traditional solution that could be the only hope for refugee children to pursue their education and overcome learning barriers, including displacement, proximity to school, lack of official documents and insufficient local government resources and capacities. Even beyond this specific application, WinjiGo has huge potential for helping all students to benefit from 21st century education – not just those who are already bright, capable and eager. Which is why we’re really excited for what’s to come; using our innovative e-learning platforms and solutions to take education into a new era, while inspiring and empowering schools, teachers, students, administrators and parents the world over.”

ITWORX Education’s acclaimed project in Chtaura’s Syrian refugee camp combined the Company’s social learning online platform, WinjiGo, and a blended learning methodology, with digital learning content tied into curriculums and smart technology-powered learning centers, empowering children between 9 and 14 years of age, many of which had been out of school for years.

Thanks to a setup process that doesn’t require significant investment such as building schools, or time- and cost-consuming tasks such as skilled teachers, the project’s implementation is fast, streamlined and can be applied in many contexts to help bring education to out-of-school children.

A second similar project was implemented in a Turkish school last September, whereby WinjiGo was used to provide sustainable, quality education to Syrian refugee students residing in Istanbul. The project enabled the school to accommodate up to 50% more students, and enhance teacher skills and teaching methodologies, all without additional resources or investments.

With an estimated 104M children out of school due to armed conflict, natural disasters and economic and logistical challenges – including the 250,000 out-of-school Syrian children currently residing in Lebanese refugee camps as per Human Rights Watch, ITWORX Education is working to introduce its inventive solutions to other refugee children, not just from Syria, but across the world.