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ITWORX Education releases TeacherKit version on Windows 8 store


ITWORX Education releases an illustrative Windows 8 version of its innovative app TeacherKit. It has a sleek design with clear visuals that is compatible with Windows 8 features. TeacherKit is a simple and intuitive interface that enables teachers to track attendance, grades, and behavior of students.
TeacherKit allows teachers to manage attendance board by importing or adding stude
nts to classes with their personal photos or by assigning one of TeacherKit’s interesting avatars. Teachers can manually add students’ status with color code such as late, sick…etc. They can also pinpoint certain classes or favorite students for quick access on the start menu.
Through TeacherKit, teachers can contact parents and students via Skype or email for easy interaction, in addition to filter and sort feature where teachers can search for students or classes from the start menu. TeacherKit is available on all Windows 8 devices in Arabic and English.