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ITWORX Education Announces a New Partnership with Interact Computer Stores via HP, to Transform Education in Egypt’s Private Schools


Cairo, Egypt: ITWORX Education is a market leader in educational software solutions that address the needs of K12 education institutions worldwide. The company announces the formation of a new partnership with HP to deliver a rich e-learning solution designed for schools. The alliance is enacted in Egypt through HP’s partner, Interact Computer Stores. Together the companies will provide an “Advanced Learning Environment” to support K12 schools in delivering a 21st Century education. The Advanced Learning Environment (ALE) is an end to end solution that includes both software and hardware.

To help schools make the transformation towards a more digital and modern learning environment, ITWORX Education contributes to the ALE with its award-winning learning management system, the Connected Learning Gateway (CLG); EduShare, a learning content management system; and AuthorKit, and a lesson content building tool for teachers. These products are designed to support the full learning process and to raise student outcomes, teacher effectiveness and institutional development.

CLG is an engaging and multilingual web-based social e-learning environment built to enhance the education process for teachers, students, school management and parents. It improves the teaching process for teachers, makes learning fun and insightful for K12 students, and facilitates communication and collaboration. AuthorKit is a Windows application that teachers can use to easily create interactive e-learning resources in a short time. Using AuthorKit, teachers can present e-lessons in an intriguing and engaging way to capture students’ interest and attention. EduShare is a digital e-learning content repository that houses teaching and learning resources like lesson plans, lesson content, research, multimedia, and all other types of e-learning content or learning objects. It is an online platform that avails publishing, rating and reviewing around learning resources as well as certifies user-created content. It supports both Arabic and English digital content.

Partnering with Interact will yield high results for the learning environment in Egypt, which in turn will lead to a new generation of critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers. This is our goal.

Hatem Sallam, CEO of ITWORX Education.

As a key systems integrator in Egypt, Interact Computer Stores is seeking to adopt the latest technology trends and develop new partnerships in the education industry. The company’s scope of services ranges from site design through to datacenter infrastructure carrying data communications and security over adequate hardware and software. Through the ALE, Interact provides Intel-based HP tablets to support anytime anywhere learning and teaching.

We look forward to working with ITWORX Education and our other partners in delivering a new-age learning experience to schools in Egypt

Nermine Nazieh, Software Product Manager at Interact.

Besides ITWORX Education and Interact, other participating companies in the ALE include Microsoft and Al Motahida Education. Al Motahida provides an array of digital content and virtual labs, and Microsoft brings a number of tools including Office 365 and OneNote.


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