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Etisalat Case Study – VMD


Executive Summary

ITWORX and Etisalat Egypt jointly launched a nationwide e-learning initiative in conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MoE). Using ITWORX’ Connected Learning Gateway (CLG), the pilot provided a web based platform for one to one learning. CLG is a multilingual e-learning environment which enhances the education process by making learning more interactive for students. Built on Microsoft SharePoint, CLG also improves collaboration between teachers, parents and school administrators.

The Customer

Egypt’s Ministry of Education is the governmental body responsible for overseeing education and curriculum development at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The MoE wanted to promote the use of the latest technologies in its learning methodology in a nationwide pilot program to eventually cover 1,600 language schools.

The Challenge

Egyptian schools have limited use of technology tools in its education system. The MoE wished to provide an online platform in which learning can be disseminated, leveraging advanced technologies, while engaging teachers and students. The online platform also needed to enhance the learning experience in an interactive user friendly way and allow for tracking and reporting.

The Solution

As a pioneer in e-learning education, ITWORX was tapped by Etisalat to deploy its breakthrough e-learning solution, the Connected Learning Gateway (CLG). CLG is an innovative learning platform which enables anytime anywhere collaboration and assessment. Its broad range of unique features and content authoring tools are invaluable for students, teachers, parents and school administrators.
CLG gave Egypt’s MoE a platform with a suite of rich functions in which students can learn and interact in unique ways compared to their current learning environment. The enhanced environment enables students to achieve real results. With CLG, students can view and access lesson outlines and materials and interact with fellow students. Other built in functions let students chat privately with teachers online as well as complete assignments, exams and receive results online.
CLG empowers parents with dynamic features such as the ability to view their child’s grades, behaviour and attendance records simply by accessing the online parent portal. Parents can also receive mobile notifications from teachers and school administrators as well as communicate privately with teachers.
ITWorx’ learning platform lets MoE teachers deliver a richer more interactive experience in terms of curriculum development. Teachers have the ability to prepare curriculum standard lesson outlines, plans and build exams online. CLG also provides a breakthrough in learning development by enabling teachers to track each student’s progress, delivering multi-faceted individualized learning plans. Even generating instant rich e-learning content is simplified thanks to CLG’s authoring function.
CLG is completely customizable, enabling MoE to fulfil the continuously evolving needs of both schools and users. Schools participating in the project will have the ability to tailor the solution and interfaces according to learners’ preferences. Through SharePoint schools can add discussion boards, build surveys and workflows, choose templates as well as place links to internal systems.


Address unique needs ITWORX was able to fulfil the MoE’s need to introduce innovative learning techniques by providing a dynamic educational space enriched with collaboration, personalization, interactivity, real-time feedback and assessment and mobile learning. And thanks to CLG’s customization tools, MOE schools can tailor a solution to suit thousands of users while still incorporating their unique needs and learning techniques.   Enable Egypt’s MoE vision ITWORX enables the MOE to integrate information technology and a function rich elearning platform into its current learning environment to immediately impact the quality of education now and in the future.
Empowers young learners Through CLG, ITWORX allows students to become more independent, pro-active and self-actualized learners. With access to files, visual and audio tools, students can study and complete assignments anytime anywhere.
They can also enjoy full and rich interaction with fellow students via online discussions, forums, blogs and messaging with full access to the e-learning environment.