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EduShare: the three key points you need to know

ITWORX Education and Microsoft are joining forces. The aim: to put our e-learning software EduShare onto Office 365, and into every classroom in every country of the world.It’s a huge ambition, and a thrilling initiative. Here’s your essential guide to the key points.


What’s happening?

ITWORX Education’s e-learning software, EduShare, will now be available on Office 365 to educational institutions around the globe.

EduShare is our most innovative content management system ever. Making it available on a universal platform like Office 365 means the scope of collaboration between students and teachers is widened, and access to learning resources is increased – crucially, all for little or no additional expense to users.

Why are we doing this?

We want to revolutionize education around the world. And for this, we have the leading-edge solution and reliable services; Microsoft has the platform and technology. Working together, we can deliver on our shared commitments to raise global standards of education, and offer unique e-learning experiences to students and teachers.

This partnership makes complete sense. It follows on from Microsoft’s recognition of ITWORX Education as its Worldwide Public Sector Partner of the Year for Education in 2014.

It also meets a need. The way that students learn and teachers teach is changing fast; something needs to be reflected in the classroom experience. Creating that experience is what this innovative approach is all about.

How will it work?
  • It will be accessible. Providing EduShare on a cloud-ready mobile platform such as Office 365 means it can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, on any system. There are no special requirements, nor will schools and colleges have to ‘seek it out’: EduShare will be offered directly to them on the world’s most popular open platform. This means, for example, that rural or remote communities and developing nations can still access it.
  • It will be affordable. The main aim of bundling EduShare with Office 365 is to lower the barriers to technology adoption, by significantly reducing the upfront investment an institution needs to make in e-learning solutions.
  • It will be adaptable. After that initial outlay, the second barrier many institutions face (particularly those rural ones mentioned earlier) is keeping things up-to-date. Because EduShare will now be on an open platform, all its learning resources will be live. So teachers can upload, distribute, edit, review and track learning content as and when changes occur. Again, no extra cost or access barriers will be in the way.
  • It will be appropriate. As a global solution, EduShare will meet global standards. Institutions and Ministries of Education around the world can trust that its content will be accredited and high-quality, and that their students will be learning in a way that’s common and transferable to anywhere in the world: perfect for the global and digital citizenship that this generation is poised to step into.

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