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As technology is rapidly evolving, it is changing & shaping everything around us. From the way we find information to how we do our grocery shopping, technology is intertwined in everything we do today.

Looking at how technology has reshaped the world around us, we can’t help but ask ourselves: “Does our current methods of education & learning match the level of technology students are faced with in the professional world?”

With education & learning being at the core of how people are enabled to reach their potential, education institutions and organizations are one of the most important ones to apply, not only the current technology trends, but also to adopt futuristic approaches that help prepare students for their future in the job market.

Looking especially at Gen Z, the leaders and workforce of the future, this age group that are already growing leaders, we can see that even at a very young age they are shaping the landscape around them. Being inherently connected to the internet, they literally had the world at the fingertips since their earliest years; this shaped them to be 4D thinkers and to be super modern in their approaches. They are accustomed to harnessing the vast amount of information available for them today and to treat the whole world as their own classroom. Day in – day out, this age group is breaking traditional methods and creating their own new innovative approaches.

Understanding this generation, it is quite obvious today that the one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices their ever-changing needs & expectations. Being in the information age where customized experiences have become a standard expectation, age categories such as Millennials and Gen Z who are inherently tech savvy, grew accustomed to personalized experiences and tools that help them achieve their potential at their own pace & according to their own capabilities. With the media evolving at an unprecedented speed, some of what was previously considered distractions have been transformed by those age groups to be one of today’s most effective teaching tools such as online videos & the use of social media in learning.

The only means to provide those customized and personalized experiences to a pivotal industry such as the Education Industry is the use of Education Technology solutions. Incorporating EdTech tools in everyday learning today allows Students who can do more advanced work to avoid the frustration of being held behind by those who need more time to keep up, and provides those who need extra help with the tools and time to achieve their full potential at their own pace. It also allows Teachers to take full control of their classes, being able to identify immediately when students are struggling, allowing them to step in good time and provide support; while being able to keep Parents up to date with their children’s learning progress timely. All this while allowing Administrators and Decision Makers to get real time insight on the performance of their schools with a view that can cover nationwide performance with the ability to zoom in deep down to class level.

With over 14 years of experience in the education technology market, at ITWORX Education we have carefully studied the current and future needs of educators and students and provided the Learning & Class Management Solution – WinjiGo TK Bundle.

WinjiGo being a social learning space that connects instructors and learners and supports, both, instructor-led and non-formal learning activities and TeacherKit which is the world’s number one classroom management solution, with over 1.5 million downloads worldwide, a user friendly app helping eliminate the headache of routine class administration where instructors can organize classes, manage students easily, gradebook, attendance, behavior and much more


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