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A powerful educational intelligence solution, Edu360 provides education managers and leaders with invaluable measures, insights and data visualizations that reveal what’s happening and why – and therefore what to do. It allows you to make informed decisions, based on accurate facts and a solid understanding of performance and trends.

With Edu360, you can instantly view, explore and understand how your institution is doing through analytical dashboards: from district level, right down to an individual student or educator. This results in a genuine ability to improve learning performance and close achievement gaps, at a cost-effective price, and through an intuitive system.

Uncover Edu360’s data insights…

    • Captures and consolidates multiple sources of education-related data
    • Produces self-generated reports that can be saved, published and shared
    • Provides historical data analysis with drill down capabilities, and pre-defined reports within interactive analytical dashboards
    • Enables tracking of student performance for institutional effectiveness
    • Facilitates different tiers of access through flexible controls

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