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Endless educational possibilities on a single platform

Engaging, multilingual, and packed with convenient apps, the Connected Learning Gateway (CLG) environment is our most comprehensive web-based social eLearning platform.  It facilitates the teaching practice of teachers and makes learning fun and meaningful for students. In addition, it encourages communication and collaboration between administrators, teachers, and parents. 

CLG connects teachers, students and parents through the e-learning platform that enables the continuation of teaching and learning beyond the walls of the classroom.  CLG integrates and supports various web-based apps, such as Lesson Planner and AuthorKit, as well as mobile apps for multiple user roles, including CLG app, CLG Tracker, TeachLIVE, StudyLIVE, and ParentLIVE 

Explore the global features of CLG

    • Prepare lesson outlines and schedule and publish lesson plans
    • Keep track of your students' attendance and behavior and share this information through different evaluation models
    • Design online self-assessment tests, quizzes, and question banks
    • Check the lesson structure and material from anywhere
    • Interact electronically with your classmates and communicate privately with your teachers
    • Do your homework and exams from the platform and receive the results online
    • Track your overall performance and behavior online
    • Check your child's grades, behavior, and attendance online through the parent portal
    • Receive notifications and contact privately with teachers
    • View all courses, schedules, and e-lessons across your organization
    • Track teacher and student activities
    • Monitor academic performance and global behavior

CLG is recommended for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education and for the Public Sector.


CLG is available in English - Arabic – Norwegian

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